Unique Life History of the Film Actress Savitri Ramasamy

Actress Savitri Ramasamy

There are many different actors and actresses who are working in the film industry for many years. Each of them is having their own unique capabilities due to which they are popular among their audiences who watch their movies regularly. All of them are having their own unique history which is quite interesting to be known by a number of people. Get to know detailed information about the Greatest Actress Savitri from here.savithri photos

One such popular actress is Savitri Ramasamy. She is a popular actress of Telugu cinema. The numbers of roles which she has successfully performed are of actress, playback singer, dancer, director and also a producer. Unique qualities which she imparts in her work are what made her popular among a number of people who watches her movie regularly.

Life history of Savitri Ramasamy

Actress Savitri (सावित्रीwas born on 4th January 1936 and is an Indian film actress. She is primarily known for her roles in Telugu and also Tamil cinema. Even she has worked for the Kannada, Malayalam as well as Bollywood films. All these different roles which she has played are what made her famous among the number of people all over India. Her first significant role was in the year of 1952 which was a Telugu film by the name Pehli Chesi Choodu.savitri first movie

She has even received a Rashtrapati award due to the performance which she has given in the Telugu film which is named Chivaraku Migitedi. This has resulted in making her significantly famous and also even won hearts of many of her fans. It has resulted in promoting her to even direct the film. With this, she directed the Telugu Film Chinnari Papalu. She even received Nandi Award for Best Feature Film for that film.

Even she got the recognition of “woman in cinema” during the 30th International Film Festival of India. Some of the Tamil works which she has done include Kalathur Kannamma, Pasamalar and also many more. All these works are holding significant contribution to the film industry. This even resulted in making her more popular to be known for the works which she has contributed to the film industry.

Earlier life of Savitri Ramasamysavithri ganesan

Actress Savitri Ganesan was born in a Telugu speaking family which is located in Madras Presidency. This region is now considered as the part of Andhra Pradesh. The name of her father was Nissankara Guravayya and also the name of her mother was Nissankara Subhadramma. Her father had died when she was just six months old after which her mother took care of her. They lived with their aunt and uncle.

As soon as she begun to show her talent, her uncle enrolled her for the classes. He has seen the talent of dance in her and also wanted to be developed at a proper pace. She has married with Tamil actor which is named Gemini Ganesan in 1952. The sad event of Savitri death took place on 26th December 1981. Savitri first movie was Pathala Bhalravi and also Savitri last movie was Azhagu. Savitri Death reason was that she was an alcoholic and also remains in a coma for 19 years.


Thus, we can say that there were great ups and also downs in the life of the actress Savitri Ramasamy. She survived those issues and contributed to a greater extent to the Indian Film Industry. One can never forget the kind of unique contribution which she has made to the dance as well as acting.

List of Movies acted by Savithrisavitri filmography

Here, a user can find the list of Savitri movies acted in the Telugu Language. few of the Telugu Movies also dubbed to Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and more languages. I listed you the straight Savitri Telugu Movies list here.

Sl. No
Movie Name
Release Date
Director Name
1 Samsaram (Jr. Artist) 29-Dec-50 L.V. Prasad NTR, ANR, Lakshmirajyam
2 Patala Bhairavi (Dancer) 15-Mar-51 K.V. Reddy NTR,SVR,Malathi,Relangi,Pushpakumari
3 Rupavathi (Vamp-Kokila) 17-May-51 K.Prabhakara Rao G.S.Swamy, S.Bala Saraswathi, Shivaram
4 Aadarsham 0/0/1952 Hanumappa Vishwanath Babu Jaggaiah
5 Palleturu 16-10-52 T. Prakasha Rao NTR, SVR, Ramana Reddy
6 Priyuralu 0/0/1952 T.Gopichand Jaggaiah, and also Krishna Kumari
7 Shanti 15-Feb-52 Vedantam Raghavaiah Ramachandra Kashyapa
8 Pelli Chesi Choodu 29-Feb-52 L.V. Prasad NTR, G.Varalakshmi, Jogarao,
9 Sankranti 10-Oct-52 C.Pullaiah Shantakumari, and also Sriranjani
10 Kodarikam 12-Feb-53 K.S.Ramachandrarao&K.Vembu Kashyapa Ramachandra,S.Varalakshmi
11 Pratigna 27-Nov-53 Y.R.Swamy Kantarao, and also Rajanala
12 Brathuku Teruvu 06-Feb-53 P.S.Ramakrishna Rao ANR, SVR
13 Devadasu 26-Jun-53 Vedantam Raghavaiah ANR, and also SVR
14 Paropakaram 25-Sep-53 Kamal Ghosh R.Nageshwara Rao, CSR
15 Pempudu Koduku 11-Nov-53 L.V. Prasad Shivaji Ganeshan, Mohan
16 Menarikam 00/00/1954 Jampana Ch.Narayana Rao, G.Varalakshmi
17 Chandraharam 06-Jan-54 K.Kameshwara Rao NTR as well as Sriranjani
18 Jyothi 30-Apr-54 Sridhar-K.B.Tilak Ramachandra Kashyapa
19 Parivartana 01-Sep-54 T.Prakasha Rao NTR, ANR
20 Missamma 12-Jan-55 L.V. Prasad NTR, ANR, SVR, and Relangi
21 Ardhangi 26-Jan-55 P.Pullaiah ANR along with Gummadi
22 Santhanam 07-Aug-55 C.V.Ranganatha Dasu ANR, Sriranjani,
23 Kanyashulkam 26-Aug-55 P.Pullaiah NTR, Janaki along with CSR
24 Vadina 09-Sep-55 M.V.Raman B.R.Panthulu, Addala Narayana Rao
25 Donga Ramudu 01-Oct-55 K.V. Reddy ANR, Jaggaiah, Jamuna
26 Amaradeepam 01-Jan-56 T.Prakasha Rao Shivaji Ganeshan, Padmini
27 Bhale Ramudu 06-Apr-56 Vedantam Raghavaiah ANR as well as CSR
28 Charana Daasi 20-Dec-56 T. Prakash Rao NTR, ANR along with Anjali
29 Todi Kodallu 11-Jan-57 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR as well as SVR
Maya Bazaar 27-Mar-57 K.V. Reddy ANR, NTR, SVR, Gummadi, Sandhya
31 Bhale Ammailu 06-Aug-57 Vedantam Raghavaiah NTR
32 M.L.A. 19-Sep-57 K.B. Tilak Jaggaiah, Gummadi
33 Kutumba Gauravam 07-Nov-57 B.S. Ranga NTR, Jamuna, Kannamba
34 Mangalya Balam 01-Jan-58 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR, SVR as well as Relangi
35 Karthava Rayani Katha 18-Oct-58 T.R.Ramana NTR, Kannamba
36 Intiguttu 31-Oct-58 Vedantam Raghavaiah NTR as well as Gummadi
37 Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu 14-Jan-59 L.V. Prasad NTR, Jaggaiah, Jamuna, CSR
38 Bhagya Devata 23-Oct-59 Tapi Chanakya Jaggaiah
39 Banda Ramudu 06-Nov-59 P.Pullaiah NTR
40 Chivaraku Migiledi 25-Nov-60 G.Ramineedu Kantarao,Balaiah,Prabhakara Reddy
41 Kumkuma Rekha 00/00/1960 Tapi Chanakya Jaggaiah
42 Nammina Bantu 07-Jan-60 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR as well as SVR
43 Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam 09-Jan-60 P.Pullaiah NTR, S.Varalakshmi, Shantakumari
44 Shantinivasam 14-Jan-60 C.S.Rao ANR,Krishnakumari,Gummadi,Devika
45 Vimala 11-Aug-60 Sriramulu Naidu NTR
46 Abhimanam 26-Aug-60 C.S.Rao ANR, Kannamba
47 Mamaku Tagga Alludu 09-Dec-60 Vedantam Raghavaiah SVR,Shobhanbabu,Relangi
48 Deepavali 22-Dec-60 S.Rajanikanth NTR, SVR, Krishnakumari
49 Maa Babu 22-Dec-60 T.Prakasha Rao ANR
50 Velugu Needalu 06-Jan-61 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR, SVR as well as Jaggaiah
Kalasivunte Kaladu Sukham 08-Sep-61 Tapi Chanakya NTR, SVR
52 Aaradhana 16-Feb-62 V.Madhusudhana Rao ANR, Girija
53 Manchi Manasulu 11-Apr-62 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR, SVR, S.Janaki
54 Siri Sampadalu 19-Sep-62 P.Pullaiah ANR, Gummadi
55 Raktha Sambandham 01-Nov-62 V.Madhusudhana Rao Kantarao, NTR, Devika
56 Aathma Bandhuvu 14-Dec-62 P.S.Ramakrishna Rao NTR, Kannamba
57 Thobuttuvulu 00/00/1963 Ranganath Das Jaggaiah, Jamuna
58 Chaduvukunna Ammayilu 10-Apr-63 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR, Krishnakumari
59 Narthanasala 11-Oct-63 K.Kameshwara Rao NTR, SVR, Gummadi,
60 Poojaphalam 01-Jan-64 B.N.Reddy ANR, Jaggaiah
61 Karna 14-Jan-64 B.R.Pantulu Shivaji Ganeshan, NTR
62 Mooga Manasulu 30-Jan-64 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR, Padmanabham, Gummadi
63 Doctor Chakravarthy 10-Jul-64 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR, Jaggaiah, S.Janaki
64 Sumangali 01-Jan-65 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR, Jaggaiah
65 Nadee Aada Janme 07-Jan-65 A.C.Trilokchandar NTR,SVR
66 Pandava Vanavasam 14-Jan-65 K.Kameshwara Rao NTR, SVR
67 Devatha 24-Jul-65 K.Hemambaradhara Rao NTR, Padmanabham
68 Manushulu-Mamathalu 03-Sep-65 K.Pratyagatma ANR, Jaggaiah
69 Monagallaku Monagadu 00/00/1966 S.D.Lal S.V.R, and also Krishnakumari
70 Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam 13-Jan-66 N.T.Rama Rao NTR, SVR, K.R.Vijaya
71 Navarathri 29-Mar-66 Tatineni Rama Rao ANR, Jaggaiah, Chalam
72 Bhakta Potana 06-May-66 G.Ramineedu Nagaiah, Gummadi
73 Manase Mandiram 06-Oct-66 C.V.Sridhar ANR, Jaggaiah
74 Nirdoshi 02-Mar-67 Dada Mirasi NTR, Anjali
75 Kanchukota 22-Mar-67 C.S.Rao NTR, Vanisri
76 Ummadi Kutumbam 20-Apr-67 D.Yoganand NTR, and also Vanisri
77 Prana Mithrulu 05-May-67 P.Pullaiah ANR, Jaggaiah
78 Jeevithalu 00/00/1968 P.S.Murthy
79 Moogajeevulu 00/00/1968 G.Varalakshmi G.Varalakshmi
80 Talli Prema 08-Mar-68 Srikanth NTR,
81 Chinnari Papalu 14-Aug-68 Savitri Jaggaiah, Jamuna
82 Bandhavyalu 15-Aug-68 S.V.Ranga Rao SVR, Dhulipala
83 Chiranjeevi 00/00/1969 Savitri Chalam
84 Varakatnam 09-Jan-69 NTR NTR, and also Krishnakumari
85 Vichitra Kutumbam 28-May-69 K.S.Prakasha Rao NTR, Krishna, Shobhanbabu
Matrudevatha 07-Nov-69 Savitri NTR, Shobhanbabu, Chadrakala
87 Maro Prapancham 10-Apr-70 Adurthi Subba Rao ANR
88 Pethandaarlu 30-Apr-70 C.S.Rao NTR, Shobhanbabu,  Vijayanirmala
89 Thalli Thandrulu 15-Jul-70 K.Baburao Jaggaiah, Relangi, Shobhanbabu
90 Kodalu Diddina Kapuram 21-Oct-70 D.Yoganand NTR, and also Vanisri
91 Suputhrudu 29-Jan-71 Tatineni Rama Rao ANR, Lakshmi
92 Nindu Dampathulu 04-Feb-71 K.Vishwanath NTR
93 Vintha Samsaram 14-Apr-71 Savitri Jaggaiah
94 Vichithra Dampathyam 16-Apr-71 P.Chandrashekhara Reddy Gummadi,Shobhan,Vijayanirmala
95 Talli  Kootullu 05-Nov-71 G.Ramineedu Jaggaiah, Shobhan,Kanchna
96 Amma Mata 25-Feb-72 Bapu Shobhan, and also Chandrakala
97 Kanna Thalli 26-Aug-72 T.Madhava Rao Chandrakala
98 Sabhash Papanna 18-Sep-72 Shahid Lal
99 Sabhash Bebi 21-Sep-72 N.Prasad
100 Errakota Veerudu 00/00/1973 Parthasarathi NTR, Saroja
101 Poolmala 00/00/1973 Vasantha Kumar Reddy Krishnamraju, Chandrakala
102 Deshoddarakulu 29-Mar-73 C.S.Rao NTR, Vanisri, Nagabhushanam
103 Ramarajyam 04-Apr-73 K.Baburao Jaggaiah, SVR, Gummadi
104 Puttinillu Mettinillu 12-Jul-73 Pattu Shobhan, and also Lakshmi
105 Jyothi Lakshmi 07-Dec-73 K.S.Rami Reddy
106 Anaganaga Oka Thandri 00/00/1974 C.S.Rao Krishnamraju
107 Mugguru Ammailu 00/00/1974 K.Pratyagatma Chandramohan, Chandrika
108 Jeevitha Rangamu 00/00/1974 P.D.Prasad Gummadi, Savitri,Pramila,Jayasudha
109 Bandhalu Anubandhalu 00/00/1974 C.S.Rao
110 Gali Patalu 01-Mar-74 T.Prakasha Rao Jaggaiah, Gummadi, SVR
111 Uttama Illalu 18-Apr-74 P.Sambashiva Rao Anjali, Krishna, and Chandrakala
112 Thulasi 24-May-74 Baburao Krishnamraju, Bharathi
113 Manushulu Mattibommalu 31-May-74 B.Bhaskar Krishna, and also Jamuna
114 Adambaralu Anubandhalu 09-Aug-74 C.S.Rao Krishna, Sharada
115 Maa Inti Devudu 00/00/1975 V.Prasad K.Haribabu, and Vijayalalitha
116 Vaikuntapaali 00/00/1975
117 Cinema Vaibhavam 00/00/1975
118 Kavitha 00/00/1975 Vijaya Nirmala Jaggaiah, Vijaya Nirmala
119 Pellikanitandri 00/00/1975 Padmanabham Jaggaiah,Padmanabham
Pooja 28-May-75 Murugan-Kumaran Ramakrishna, Vanisri, Manjula
121 Chikati Velugulu 11-Jul-75 K.S.Prakasha Rao Krishna, and also Vanisri
122 Theerpu 01-Oct-75 U.Visheshwara Rao NTR
123 Bharatamlo Oka Ammayi 02-Oct-75 Dasari Narayana Rao Murali Mohan,Roja Ramani
124 Santhanam-Sowbhagyam 24-Oct-75 D.S.Prakasha Rao Krishna, and Vijayanirmala
125 Aaradhana 12-Mar-76 B.V.Prasad NTR, and also Vanisri
126 Chillara Devullu 00/00/1977 T.Madhava Rao Vinaykumar,Umabharathi
127 Rambha Urvashi Menaka 00/00/1977 P.Sambashiva Rao Muralimohan,Narasimharaju
128 Panchayathi 02-Sep-77 Vijaya Nirmala Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala
129 Amara Prema 00/00/1978 Tatineni Rama Rao Kamal Hasan
130 Allari Pillalu 00/00/1978 C.S.Rao Ramakrishna, and also Jayachitra
131 Prema-Paga 00/00/1978 B.V.Prasad Satyanarayana,Muralimohan,Latha
132 Rowdy Rangamma 00/00/1978 Vijaya Nirmala Vijaya Nirmala,Chandramohan
133 Devadasu Malli Puttadu 23-Mar-78 Dasari Narayana Rao ANR, Vanisri, Jayapradha
134 Mugguru Muggure 27-May-78 S.D.Lal Krishna, and also Jayachitra
135 Jaganmohini 18-Jul-78 B.Vittalacharya Dhoolipala, Narasimharaju
136 Naa Illu-Naa Vaallu 00/00/1979 Rajachandra Sridhar, Muralimohan
137 Punaadiraallu 21-Jun-79 Rajkumar Narasimharaju,Kavitha,Chiranjeevi
138 Rangun Rowdy 28-Sep-79 Dasari Narayana Rao Krishnamraju, Jayapradha
139 Gorintaku 19-Oct-79 Dasari Narayana Rao J.V.Ramanamoorthy, Shobhan,Sujata
140 Circus Ramudu 01-Mar-80 Dasari Narayana Rao NTR, and also Jayapradha
141 Ramayanamlo Pidakala Veta 00/00/1980 Rajachandra Muralimohan
142 Sujatha 29-May-80 D.Nageshwara Rao Sujatha, and also Muralimohan
143 Prema Tarangaalu 24-Oct-80 S.P.Chitti Babu Krishnamraju,Jayasudha,Chiranjeevi
144 Pulibidda 00/00/1981 V.Madhusudhana Rao Krishnamraju along with Sridevi
145 Devudu Mamayya 14-Jan-81 K.Vasu Jaggaiah,Shobhan,Vanisri
146 Andarikantemonagadu 25-Apr-85 T.Krishna Krishna, Jayasudha
147 Gundamma Katha 07-07-62 K.Kameshwara Rao NTR, ANR, and also Jamuna

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