Know Facts about Bigg Boss – The Great Reality Game Show

What is Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss – बिग बॉस Bigg Boss, do you know what is Bigg Boss?  This is a reality series on TV that is based on Big Brother the Dutch series and is premiered on colors on 16 September 2018. Salman Khan is hosting Bigg Boss Hindi for the ninth time this season.

Bigg Boss is based on the Netherland reality show Big Brother. The concept is to have different people from diverse fields to stay for a set time in a house. The main point here is that there is no mobile, no TV, no choice of communicating outside and there is nothing to get an idea of what is going on outside in the world. The only thing is to live with the housemates, and these may be people who have nothing in similar to you but are the Bigg boss contestants.bigg boss contestants

This show has the audience, in general, to see the inmates reacting to different situations. This viewed as a social experiment so that the general audience observes the behavior of the inmates. Actually, Bigg boss refers to the boss of the house. There different rules set for each house, task events, and inmates, while the Boss voice felt only on hearing the voice. There is a room for confession, so that inmates go and talk regarding their personal issues, problems, and nominate inmates so that they evicted.

Big Boss Voting

Every week there is an eviction of an inmate depending on the Bigg Boss voting from the audience. The inmates receiving the least vote no evicted. However, every week a ration of items provided and it is to use for a week. There is a task for the inmates to divide their work as cleaning, washing, and cooking. A leader chose for the teams and a leader selected for inmates as well so that they hold the pose for 7 days. The house leader not nominated to evict.bigg boss voting

Votes they get from the normal audience. Inmates with the least number of votes will evict. Bigg Boss offers tasks based on the luxury budget point and the inmates get some items required. The task is such that the inmates best comes out. And you also get to see the worst of them as well. The aim is evicting everyone and the last person wins the title. This is a popular show broadcasted in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and in Malayalam, as well.

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