Must watch Tamil Movies of All Time

Must watch Tamil Movies

Must watch Tamil Movies – तमिल फिल्में देखना चाहिए India has a history of movies and this country has always been producing fabulous movies. Though all do not get their share of due in the global level, there are many such Indian Tamilmovies that are exceptionally good. The Bollywood movies are noted and also many times the regional movies stay unnoticed. Here, you can get info on Must watch Tamil Movies.

It is not about having any resentment about Bollywood, but the fact is that there are must watch Tamil movies that have an explicit story line and the direction is equally to any Hollywood film.

Here is a list of must watch Tamil movies of all time:


This 2015 movie has a simple storyline. It is about eating pizza. It presented in a realistic way capturing two boy’s innocence and also the class differences. The portrayal was authentic that anyone after watching the movie would think twice while biting a pizza slice, definitely a lasting impact.

Vaaranam Aayiram tamil movies

This is a 2008 movie revealing a man’s emotional journey from adolescence to adulthood. This story is heartwarming that brings out his love, tragedy, maturity, growth, and also relationships. It reveals the son and father relationship. Gautham Menon has given this movie soul and heart, that it stirs anyone watching this movie anytime. It is a Tamil must watch movies.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaru tamil must watch movies

This is a 2016 film directed by a 21 years ambitious debutant. This is a murder mystery keeping the viewers on the edge. Every truth revealed appears to make sense and you end up suspecting everyone. Mind-blowing details take into consideration and also this movie will hold you on the seat tight.

Anbe Sivammust watch tamil movies

This is a 2003 film that sparks friendship in two different men and explores the extremes and contrasts of each person. Kamal Hassan he is definitely the best offering his finest performances and the movie presents a cult classic discussing capitalism and socialism, concepts of altruism, atheism, compassion, globalization, and also rebellion. Madhavan as  a media man has also showed a different side of his acting skills, making this movie a must watch.


This is a 2016 film that is hard hitting that it will open your eyes and will break your heart. It brings to you about a person’s revolutionary moves and political thinking, known as Joker. It reveals the rural Indians reality. Joker, this movie filled with harsh truths such as wishing to have in-house toilet is an indulgence, while ambulance access is a miracle.

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