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Sekhar Master

Sekhar Master – शेकर मास्टर in the Telugu film industry is an Indian film choreographer and actor. He was born in 1963 on January 7. He has performed in four languages covering over 25 films in major south Indian languages. Sheker introduced for Kudiyirundha Kovil to Tamil cinema as a child artist in 1967. He did lead roles in Oh Manju and also Manipayai. His performances were famous as the child and he became prominent as Sekhar Master. He also played child roles as MGR character in Idhaya Veenai. He performed in the serials shown on the TV and also now J.V. Vijayam, his son is a popular cinematographer.

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Dhee competition is a vital Dance Show competition broadcasted in E TV (India). This show is a production of Mallemalla Productions. It directed for the first season by Kennedy, followed by Benzene and Sanjay Nagaraju, and also Deepthi Reddy, as directors, later the Dhee Season 5 was taken over by Sanjeev K Kumar who directed the television shows such as Jabardasth as well as Cash for ETV Telugu.

Dhee Show Judge

The show Dhee 9 and 10 made him earn the name Dhee Sekhar Master. With the Season 10 progress, the teams combined, the dances performed one by one and the master of each team chooses based on individual dancers’ performance. The process of selection done depending on the dance performances of each dancer. In the case of the tie, the master’s decision escalated to the judge’s hands. Sekhar master choreographer has a great role in deciding the dances and also training the participants.

Dhee sekhar master

Things that begun as physical activity and fun in the summer holidays turned into a career for Shekar transforming him into Shekhar Master. This young man in the film industry is now the choreographer much sought for. He wished for an easy job, a typical 9-5 hours job in the initial years, but took a crash course in Vijayawada at an institute. Sheker worked for six years as a background dancer and for eight years as an assistant. He did not aim for choreography until he began moving into direction.

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Shekhar took up Dhee 11 with ease and he is adapting to styles and also various other dances. The songs include fast songs, duets, introduction songs, montages, mass songs, melody, etc. The recent works include in Sarrainodu in Blockbuster, Pakka local song choreographer, Mimmee, Ammadu Kummudu, Janata Garage, and also many more. Sekhar master is one of the most wanted choreographers by the new generation.

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